Use pnpm on WebStorm with WSL using node-linker config

2023-12-26 Tue.

pnpm is not working well on WebStorm with WSL で pnpm が symlink を使っていることに起因して WSL との相性が悪い問題を指摘しましたが、 pnpm の node-linker の設定を変更することで解消できることが分かりました。

1node-linker = hoisted

WebStorm で prettier や eslint の自動検出がうまくいかない可能性があるようで、その場合は手動で設定する必要があります。


English translation

In the pnpm is not working well on WebStorm with WSL post, I pointed out that pnpm is not compatible with WSL due to it using symlinks, but it has been found that this can be resolved by changing the node-linker settings in pnpm.

1node-linker = hoisted

Automatic detection of prettier or eslint may not work well in WebStorm. In this case, you will have to configure it manually. I will continue to monitor whether this solution completely resolves the issue.

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